It all started with a decision to find a new challenge, something we could do together. After seeing an Orchard for sale in Blenheim, we decided to develop our own from a blank canvas. In 2004 we purchased this block and started our new project not realising how much work was ahead of us.

We have gradually established the Orchard to what it is today while continuing in the Dairy industry. In 2005 we moved farms from Invercargill to West Otago then came up to Timaru and planted 5000, one year old cherry trees with the help of local sports teams and university students.

We travelled up regularly to work and maintain the orchard as it was establishing.

2008 saw our first small crop of cherries which we sold at markets. We also planted the Raspberries which take a few years to grow to the production stage. We finally moved to Timaru in 2009 and continued farming at Morven.

Since then we have introduced Strawberries which are grown using a technique not seen in the South Island.

It has certainly not been an easy journey when you have to battle the elements.
In October 2009 we suffered serious frosts reaching -6º at blossoming time 

For the cherries. we not only lost the majority of our crop but we also lost a large number of our trees which died as a result.

Due to drought in the summer of 2015, our season was cut short and we lost fruit production as irrigation supply ceased.

We have been selling our fruit around the South Canterbury region and surrounding districts for the past 6 years and are continuing to expand as demand for local fresh top quality fruit increases.